WSIU Supports SIU Foundation’s Day of Giving Livestream

Special thanks to the outstanding team at WSIU Public Television for making our livestream a reality!

The SIU Day of Giving is proof that it truly does take a village to pull off a victory. Without the continuous help from others across campus who graciously step up each year and help fill the gaps, we would not witness such phenomenal success year after year.

In 2019, it was the SIU’s theater department who agreed to do a theatrical performance at the rotunda in the Morris Library. The stage production department also graciously agreed to build an elaborate gift box for the SIU 150th celebration. Plant and Service Operations agreed to play a version of Happy Birthday from the bell tower at Pulliam Hall. It is yearly contributions from departments like those who help make the SIU Day of Giving continually sparkle.

This year, the foundation was faced with the dilemma of trying to host another SIU Day of Giving during a pandemic. The foundation team asked themselves how they were going to capture people’s attention if they could not gather or engage with students, faculty, staff, alumni and the community across campus. Thanks to some creative thinking, the foundation determined it would use a livestreaming platform to capture the needed attention. As the details of what was needed emerged, the foundation’s marketing staff quickly realized this would stretch their capabilities to the limit. In short, they worried if they could pull off an eight-hour livestream featuring dozens of deans, heads of units, the chancellor, and several foundation development officers.

That’s when in walked WSIU and extended a helping hand. WSIU’s Interim Executive Director Jak Tichenor, Larry Hunter, Darryl Moses, Mark J. St George, Abby Asher and several other team members, graciously agreed to help co-produce the event at their WSIU station located in the SIU Mass Communications building. Known as the largest station south of Chicago, WSIU helped the foundation staff deliver a professional, polished production that rivaled any fundraising event airing anywhere on television.

The event was a success and the 24+ hour effort resulted in 3,440 gifts from donors representing all 50 states and 11 countries. The $2,800,000 raised during the Day of Giving shattered last year’s results of $1.6 million and gifts are still being counted.

Following are some photos from the day’s activities.

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