SIU Crowdfunding: Model United Nations Spring Conference

SIU model united nations

The SIU affiliate of the American Model United Nations, Inc. (AMUN) is raising funds for the annual spring conference to compete against other universities. The Paul Simon Public Policy Institute is collaborating with a team of 11 students to raise money and compete in the Midwest Model United Nations conference during February 22-25.

These students prepare for conference by researching their designated country. This spring they will be representing Greece. In the past, they have represented Qatar, Finland, Lithuania, Egypt, Iran, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Poland, Vietnam and Algeria. This chapter strives to educated and inform students on the current goals and missions of the United Nations in regards to international security, human rights, nation building, peacekeeping, and all things related to promoting human dignity for all peoples in all places. .

All funds raised through their crowdfunding campaign will help pay for the cost of travel, lodging, and conference fees.

The Model United Nations chapter at SIU aims at developing current students interested in the field of international relations into future global leaders

Support the SIU American Model United Nations Chapter by making a gift on the SalukiFunder crowdfunding page.

Meet SIU Scholarship Recipient – Areaj Mubarak

SIU Scholarship Recipient Areaj MubarakAreaj Mubarak received the Jackson County Alumni Scholarship. Mubarak is a freshman specializing in biomedical science with plans of becoming a physician assistant.

Why did you choose SIU? I chose to go to SIU because I wanted to be a part of a very diverse student population. Not only would I belong to a university that holds a wide spectrum of qualities, I also knew I would be involved in one of the greatest research universities in the nation. This would greatly benefit me since I belong in the College of Science– an area that expects quite a bit of research! As I study farther into the semester, I realize that I didn’t make a mistake coming to SIU– I really do belong here.

How did you feel when you received notification that you received the scholarship? When I was notified about being awarded the scholarship, I was ecstatic. Alongside benefiting me financially, the scholarship award itself really ignites motivation to be great.

What does the scholarship mean to you and how has it enabled you to pursue your goals? The scholarship is an opportunity to thrive in reaching my goals. My ideal future is to become a medical professional without borders or a physician assistant specializing in emergency medicine.

What inspired you to choose your area of study? Ever since I was a child, I’ve been passionate about helping others and volunteering in any way possible. To have my career be all about helping people, especially at a dire time, fulfills my vision of being able to give back to the community in the greatest way possible— having a solution to a problem.

What achievement in your life are you most proud of? I’m most proud of the business I was able to run as a young entrepreneur. I ran a business called “Areaj’s Cool Jewelz”, selling hand-crafted jewelry, recycled art, and an assortment of hand-painted fridge magnets. Although the business rooted from an AT project in my 4th grade year, I was able to make it more than what it was. I made business cards, I promoted my business to my teachers, friends, and family, and I sold my products every Saturday at the Farmer’s Market. A little while later, I was invited to be a part of a Biz-Kids episode, where I was able to promote my small business even more, and learn so much more about running a business, and being smart with money.

Do you have a message you would like shared with your donor?
I am beyond grateful for the scholarship. Due to your generosity, I am able to focus on what’s most important—learning. I promise to work to my greatest potential and eventually give back in the future; both as a medical professional, and maybe even a donor!

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Tilden Parks – Superfan!

Foundation Tilden Parks Donor Tilden Parks donated $400.000 to SIU.

By Rebecca Renshaw

Sports statisticians are fascinated by streaks. For example, Joe DiMaggio’s 56- game hitting streak with the New York Yankees is often touted as the one baseball record that will never be broken.

So far, so good on that one.

Before Joltin’ Joe, however, there was another baseball record that the record-keepers swore would never be broken. That was the amazing accomplishment of Lou Gehrig (another Yankee), who played in 2,130 consecutive games between 1925 and 1939.

But Cal Ripken Jr. of the Baltimore Orioles proved them wrong. He competed in 2,632 consecutive games over a 16-year span to eclipse the mark set by baseball’s “Iron Horse.”

At SIU, Tilden “Tim” Parks (a ’76 Saluki alumnus) has a little streak of his own going on.

In fact, Parks just might own the record for the longest streak in sports ever – by a fan, at least. Parks officially started keeping track of his Saluki sports attendance in 1978, and he’s proud to share that, to date, his unblemished attendance streak stands at 207 home football games and 519 men’s home basketball games. That’s no misses for 38 years. When this streak began, Jimmy Carter was president of our country – and gasoline sold for less than 85 cents a gallon.

“Believe me, there were a few times I didn’t think I was going to make it, with a couple of ice and snow storms we had throughout the years,” he said. “But I’ve always had a passion for sports, and for SIU.”

“One of my favorite memories was when the SIU football team won the Division 1-AA championship in 1983. That season, students took down the goalposts at McAndrew Stadium and carried them down Illinois Avenue.”

Over the last five decades, Parks has seen such greats as Joe Meriweather, Mike Glenn, Ashraf Amaya and Darren Brooks grace the basketball court at SIU Arena. In the SIU football stadium, he has witnessed such Saluki football legends as Brandon Jacobs, an NFL running back for the New York Giants and San Francisco 49ers; Deji Karim, a running back who played for four NFL teams; Carl Mauck, a former NFL player and NFL coach; Bart Scott, an NFL linebacker; Sam Silas, a former NFL lineman; and Terry Lee Taylor, another former NFL player.

“I remember my dad bringing me to my first SIU basketball game back when I was in eighth grade,” he said. “From then on, I was hooked – on basketball, football and on SIU.”

Parks graduated from John A. Logan College in 1973, then transferred to SIU and graduated with a degree in journalism in 1976.

“The country was going through an interesting time during the 1970s, what with the Vietnam War and Kent State,” he said. “It was a great time to feel as if I was making a difference.”

It was Parks’ parents, especially his father, who encouraged him to go to school. As a first-generation student, Parks saw how hard his father worked. The senior Parks quit school in seventh grade at age 12 to go to work as a timber cutter. He also bought his first animal, a hog, for $15 when he was 12 years old. Park’s uncle was a cattle trader, which intrigued him, and he eventually became one of the most successful cattle brokers in Illinois. Like his father, Parks is extremely generous, philanthropic and quick to help people in need.

Parks recently established several memorial scholarships in honor of his parents. These scholarships are dedicated to helping student workers at Morris Library, the School of Journalism and Animal Science – and, of course, the Saluki Athletic Scholarship Fund.

So the next time you’re at a Saluki football or men’s basketball game, cup your hands and yell as loud as you can, “Are you here, Tim Parks?”

We know what the answer will be.

Meet SIU Scholarship Recipient – James Cabahug

SIU Scholarship Recipient James CabahugJames Cabahug is a sophomore studying Mechanical Engineering.

Why did you choose SIU? Prior to coming to SIU, I wanted to look for a school that was both far away and had excellent opportunities for engineering. Being a first generation college student in my family, I was determined to strive for high grades with full potential. By the first few weeks of my first year at SIU, I was glad that I chose this university, which gave me greater motivation to learn.

How did you feel when you received notification that you received the scholarship? I was proud and spread the word to my family. When they found out about the news, my parents felt extremely proud of me. They told me all the hard work pays off especially in college. I want to give thanks to the donor for my scholarship, because I feel blessed that I am not only doing well in college but I’m also receiving greater opportunities.

What does the scholarship mean to you and how has it enabled you to pursue your goals? The scholarship reminded me not to give up in college classes and to achieve my dreams. I worked and studied hard in all my classes. Understanding what I have learned enables me to help others in need and to form a study group.

What inspired you to choose your area of study? In high school, I excelled in mathematics, chemistry, physics, and engineering. I chose engineering because it uses applied science and mathematics to solve problems at a higher level. During my junior year of high school, I designed a mousetrap powered car that moves with fast velocity, and that inspired me to study engineering. Engineering is based on problem-solving with a hands-on approach.

Do you have a message you would like shared with your donor? Thank you so much for your generous donation to SIU College of Engineering. I am glad that I made the decision to study and challenge myself in college since not every individual has this special opportunity after high school.

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Hannah Sweitzer wins ID photo contest

Hannah Sweitzer wins ID photo contest

by Christi Mathis

CARBONDALE, Ill. — Hannah K. Sweitzer’s photo of Southern Illinois University Carbondale’s iconic Paul and Virginia statue is the winner of the Student Center’s recent SIU ID Photo Contest.

Sweitzer, of South Wilmington, captured the fountain’s water dripping from the whimsical couple’s umbrella with stately Shryock Auditorium as a backdrop. The original statue was donated to the university by the Class of 1887 and moved to Stone Center after Old Main burned in 1969. A duplicate, cast in bronze, was placed back in the original location and it has stood there for nearly a half-century.

The class of 1965 decided in 2015 it wanted to make a lasting contribution to the university and led a fundraising effort to pay for a long-needed restoration of the bronze statue. Consideration was originally given to restoring and reinstalling the original statue but that wasn’t feasible. The 1970s bronze statue was refurbished by a sculptor and extensive renovation, tuck pointing and repairs of the fountain were undertaken. A recirculating pump and lighting were added.

The vast majority of the approximately $57,000 in funding for the two-fold project came from the Class of 1965 with support and labor provided by Plant and Service Operations, according to Brad Dillard, director of Plant and Service Operations. The project, completed on time and on budget, has enhanced the appearance and energy efficiency of the statue and fountain while preserving it for future Salukis to enjoy, officials said.

The project includes restoration of the Class of 1887 sculpture as well. A sculptor is currently working on that statue and it will return to Stone Center when the restoration is complete.

Sweitzer, a senior speech communication major, received a $100 University Bookstore gift certificate as her prize for submitting the winning photo. The Paul and Virginia statue photo will appear on all official campus ID cards issued after Jan. 17, 2017.

Students submitted nearly 150 scenic campus photos via Instagram or email for the competition.

Students to Donors: Thanks

Alex McVicker, SIU pre-med student, visits with donor, Mary Rendleman.
Alex McVicker, SIU pre-med student, visits with donor, Mary Rendleman.

Some of SIU’s best and brightest students attended SIU’s third annual SIU Academic Scholarship Brunch Oct. 29 at the SIU Student Center Ballrooms. More than 375 students came dressed in their finest for the early-morning event to say thanks to their donors.

SIU staff welcomed the students and the 116 donors who traveled to attend the scholarship brunch from locales such as California, Florida, Illinois, Texas and North Carolina. Vice Chancellor Jim Salmo kicked off the program by introducing Interim Chancellor Brad Colwell and Roger Tedrick, president of the SIU Foundation, who both gave a warm welcome to the 500 attendees.

Donors Marsha and Gary Bertrand, longtime supporters of SIU, then addressed the room by sharing their story of how they were raised in a modest, small Illinois farming community, and how SIU provided Marsha Bertrand with the foundation necessary to become successful writer. The couple shared their commitment to supporting young people in similar circumstances through gifts to SIU.

Avona Greene, a third-year SIU health care management major with a 4.0 grade point average, spoke on behalf of all the student recipients. Her speech eloquently described how the scholarships she received influenced her educational experience at SIU, and how important it is to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

“This is probably the most enthusiastically attended event on campus,” Salmo said. “Scholarship donors enjoy meeting their student recipients, hearing about their goals and establishing a relationship. Each student has a unique story to tell – and the donors have an impact on that story. It’s a great connection.”

Alex McVicker, a senior in the SIU pre-med program, attended the brunch as a recipient of the Dr. David and Mary G. Rendleman Pre-Med Scholarship. The scholarship’s surviving benefactor, Mary Rendleman, was not able to attend the brunch, so McVicker decided to say thanks in person after the event.

Arriving at Rendleman’s Carbondale home after the program, McVicker brought Rendleman a card and flowers.

“I just wanted to express my thanks to her in person,” McVicker said. “This is the fourth year I have received this scholarship, and I never had the opportunity to meet her face to face. I wanted to let her know how much this opportunity has meant to me.”

Rendleman was similarly touched by McVicker’s visit.

“Meeting Alex and hearing about her plans was so refreshing,” Rendleman said. “Alex is a promising young woman who has maintained a perfect 4.0 grade point average. She also has a desire to someday serve as a physician in rural Illinois, which is exactly the type of student Dr. Rendleman envisioned when he created this scholarship. The way she delivered her thanks made me feel wonderful. I won’t ever forget her appreciation.”

The scholarship brunch was a wonderful opportunity for scholarship recipients to meet the generous donors who have helped them pay for their college education. Recipients were able to see that the names on their scholarships are people just like themselves who have a love of education – and a love for SIU, too.

Meet SIU Scholarship Recipient – Shatoyria Jangjirawat

Meet SIU Scholarship Recipient Shatoyria JangjirawatShatoyria Jangjirawat received the Kenneth J. and Jacqueline M. Hull/Illinois CPA Society Accounting Scholarship in the College of Business.

Why did you choose SIU? I had numerous networks before arriving on campus and it was also close to home.

How did you feel when you received the scholarship? I was very excited and surprised.

What does the scholarship mean to you and how has it enabled you to pursue your goals? It has lifted a financial burden off me and allowed me to focus more on studies and the next steps toward graduate school.

What inspired you to choose your area of study? I love accounting and the numerous opportunities in the field.

What achievement in your life are you most proud of? I am most proud of being awarded the Deloitte and Touche Outstanding Junior in Accounting.

Do you have a message you would like shared with your donor? Thank you so very much! Your generosity does not go unnoticed. I hope one day to be just as supportive of students’ goals. Once again, I sincerely appreciate everything.

Hear more from scholarship donors and recipients from our SIU Academic Scholarship Brunch in this video.

Turning Dreams into a Reality

Lori Quig Scholarhsip Donor at Southern Illinois University

By Rebecca Renshaw

It often is said that while most of us dream about great things, engineers just go and do them.

That certainly rings true for Lori Quigg, a 1991 alumna of the SIU College of Engineering. Quigg didn’t let the fact that she was entering a male-dominated field stop her when she began her engineering education in 1988. She worked hard, made the grades and did the work necessary to get her degree.

Nor did it stop her a few years later, when she decided to start her own engineering firm.

“When you wake up one day and say, ‘Today is the day I’m going to go $500,000 in debt’ – well, that took some courage and perseverance,” she says, laughing. “But I did it somehow. There’s a fine line between being really smart and really stupid. Fortunately for me, everything worked in my favor.”

Quigg Engineering Inc., now headquartered in Springfield, Illinois, has seen steady success and growth over the past 10 years.

“We went from two employees in a little office in Jacksonville to now over 75 employees in multiple offices in Illinois, as well as Iowa and Florida,” Quigg says. “Yes, I work hard, but the saying is certainly true for me that ‘when you enjoy what you do, you are not really working.’ I go 24/7. In fact, my entire family’s motto is, ‘Work hard, play hard.’ ”

Quigg attributes much of her success to SIU.

“I loved SIU because the professors actually taught me what I needed to know,” she says. “Sometimes, at large universities, professors spend all their time on research while teaching assistants do the teaching. Not SIU. I found that my professors who taught me were all very accessible and caring. That made a big impact on me that I’ve never forgotten.”

Quigg recently decided to give back to SIU and help those following in her footsteps by establishing an endowed scholarship for female engineering students.

“Whenever I see an issue, I always try to be a part of the solution and not part of the problem,” she says. “I have seen a problem in the state of Illinois in hiring female and minorities. The fact is there is a definite shortage of female engineers. Even the Illinois Department of Transportation is being forced to search for job candidates in other states because there are so few female candidates.”

Quigg says that her daughter, a pre-med student at SIU, continues to see women struggle in traditionally male-dominated fields.

“I always knew for the last 20 years that I wanted to start a scholarship specifically for women,” Quigg says. “I know how much an education costs, and how frustrating it can be. This is something I did because I have walked that path. Now I want to give a helping hand to other women who want to pursue this type of degree.”

Quigg wants students to know that getting a degree in engineering doesn’t mean they must be exceptionally gifted students.

“I always tell young people that they don’t have to be brainiacs,” she says. “I assure them that, as long as they are mathematically inclined, they will be fine. They will be taught and they will learn. I also want them to know that an engineering degree can open so many doors of opportunity. From transportation to oil and gas or the government, engineers are needed in so many fields.

“It’s a great career choice as a woman, especially if you want to raise a family someday. I have always made my family a priority throughout my career, and I want to encourage other women to do the same, if that is their goal. My career choice has truly allowed me to have the best of both worlds.”

Meet SIU Scholarship Recipient – Drewnard Woods

Drewnard J. Woods SIU Scholarship Recipient - Nosotti and Snyder International Business Scholarship Recipient
Drewnard J. Woods received the Nosotti and Snyder International Business Scholarship in the SIU College of Business. Woods is a sophomore from Chicago, Illinois, specializing in business management.

Why did you choose SIU? I’m very outdoorsy and enjoy going on adventures with my friends. After doing research online, and after my school visit, I knew that southern Illinois would have a lot of these things to offer.

How did you feel when you received notification that you received the scholarship? I felt very excited. Going to school and working two jobs to try to make ends meet can be very frustrating at times, and that extra money helped out in a big way.

What does the scholarship mean to you and how has it enabled you to pursue your goals? What this scholarship meant to me was to keep on pushing through even when times get hard. I have desire and passion for the career I plan to take on, and with that I know I can succeed.

What inspired you to choose your area of study? My family owns a few businesses. Growing up and watching my father handle them all motivated me to be just like him, if not better.

What achievement in your life are you most proud of? My proudest achievement was having the courage to enlist in the United States Air Force and serving our great country!

Do you have a message you would like shared with your donor? I am honored to be the recipient of the Nosotti and Snyder International Business Scholarship. Thanks to your generous support, I am the first in my family to attend college.

Hear more from scholarship donors and recipients from our SIU Academic Scholarship Brunch in this video.

Challenging Alumni to Make a Difference

kevin dorsey southern illinois university school of medicine

By Rebecca Renshaw

If you talk to Dr. Kevin Dorsey for more than a few minutes, you’ll recognize that his life passion is reflected within the mission of SIU School of Medicine, which he led for 14 years. That mission is “to assist the people of central and southern Illinois in meeting their health care needs through education, patient care, research and service to the community.”

Dorsey, who has been with the school since the early 1970s, says it was founded to improve the health of central and southern Illinois residents.

“We recruit and admit students from those regions, educate them and hope that, after they complete their training, they will return back to central or southern Illinois because the people in those areas need physicians,” he says.

Dorsey’s other commitment is to total community health.

“I’m pretty passionate about community health and service,” he says. “It’s just not enough to create physicians to go back to our Illinois communities. We must get out into the community to improve poverty and education and housing. Social determinants of health are critically important.”

He says the new generation of doctors will make a difference.

“Our students are great,” he says. “They are more committed to social justice, they have a strong conscience and they want to do good in the world. We need to enable their success, which is why I decided to initiate the SIU School of Medicine ‘Alumni Class Challenge.’ ”

As his parting act as dean and provost of the School of Medicine, Dorsey issued an SIU School of Medicine “Alumni Class Challenge” in 2015. He challenged each class to collectively raise at least $25,000 to endow a scholarship in honor of their class. Matching grant funds totaling $500,000 would be available to double the gifts or pledges received by Dec. 31, 2015.

The result was a resounding success. Most notably, gifts in honor of Dorsey’s leadership established the J. Kevin Dorsey Endowed Scholarship. This is the School of Medicine’s largest endowed scholarship fund, and it will assist several students each year for generations to come.

The need for the scholarships might be a surprise to some, but not to Dorsey.

“One thing you must understand about our students is that, coming from central and southern Illinois, they are in the lower parental income brackets,” he says. “However, medical students across the nation tend to be from the top 20 percent in parental income.

“When you look at the average indebtedness of an SIU School of Medicine graduate, he or she comes out with an average accrual of roughly $180,000 in debt. That figure is significantly higher compared to other medical schools that can offer huge scholarships to students. The Alumni Class Challenge will help more students with more scholarships to assist them in their medical studies.”

Dorsey came to SIU School of Medicine as one of its founding faculty members, arriving with a Ph.D. in biochemistry and teaching the first two classes in the school’s history. Dorsey then became a student in the third class and obtained an M.D. degree from SIU. He completed a residency in internal medicine and a fellowship in rheumatology at the University of Iowa before returning to southern Illinois to practice rheumatology.

“While I had obtained a Ph.D. at the University of Wisconsin and a postdoctoral fellowship in cell biology at Johns Hopkins a few years before, I recognized that a career in bench research just wasn’t going to do it for me,” he says. “I wanted to directly and immediately make a difference in people’s lives.”

As the end of his tenure as dean and provost in December 2015, more than 2,600 medical students had graduated from the School of Medicine.

The school offers an M.D., a master’s degree and doctoral degree in various biomedical sciences, including a master’s degree for physician assistant students, as well as advanced training in clinical specialties (17 residencies and 13 fellowships). There also is a small number of SIU students each year who pursue combined degree programs in law and medicine, or in medicine and public health.

When asked what he wants his legacy to be, his answer is simple: “I tried to fulfill the mission.”

Reflecting on his parting gift as dean and how others could contribute, Dorsey says, “Whatever anyone can contribute – whether it is time, talent or resources – all of it is valuable and important.”