Meet Sarah Hagen – Solution Seeker and Problem Solver


Senior Sarah Hagen from Lemont, Illinois is going places – specifically France for the entire Spring semester of 2020. A chancellor scholar, Hagen is majoring in both physics and international studies with a specialization in French. Hagen will spend the upcoming semester immersing herself in the study of the French language.

When Hagen began considering her university options three years ago, she had plenty to choose from. She had received several acceptance letters, including ones from Purdue, University of Illinois, and Northwestern. But, as Hagen explains, there was something strongly appealing about SIU Carbondale.

“I felt incredibly welcome when I came to visit. I also liked that I would receive research opportunities while still working on my undergraduate degree. Plus, the fact that my grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles and brother all went to SIU played a determining factor in my choice as well,” she said.

Hagen felt so strongly about SIU that she determined she wanted to come here even if she did not receive the chancellor scholarship.

“I felt like SIU would give me the best opportunity to stand out and make a difference. It has turned out exceedingly well.”

When asked why others should give back to SIU, Hagen said that a donation will encourage other bright young minds and enable them to come to a university that will be attentive to their needs.

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