Interested in making a gift? Here’s how

How to Give to SIU Foundation

Are you interested in giving to SIU but unsure about how to get started? No problem.

The SIU Foundation is proud to offer a number of ways to make donations of all sizes.

For the university to continue to fulfill its mission of excellence in teaching, research and service, it relies on private support from individuals and organizations sharing its commitment to students.

The quickest way to make a gift is to use a check, a credit card or an electronic fund transfer.

Checks can be made payable to the SIU Foundation and submitted with a gift pledge form. Gifts made by credit card require the same form.

You can also transfer funds to the foundation regularly by setting up an electronic fund transfer from a bank account. The foundation provides a form for that process, too.

Matching Gifts
Did you know that some companies match their employees’ contributions? It’s true.

Many corporations will match the contribution of their employees, officers and directors – and, in some instances, spouses and retirees.

Ask your company’s personnel or community relations department if your company has a matching gift program. Interested donors can also visit and search for their employers on the “Matching Gifts” page.

Stocks, mutual funds, bonds and other publicly traded securities may be transferred as gifts through the foundation.

There are various ways of transferring these gifts, such as a transfer of securities from the donor’s brokerage account or a delivery of the certificate to the foundation.

Gifts of long-term appreciated securities may offer substantial tax savings. These gifts may be deducted at the fair market value without the recognition of capital gains.

Real and Personal Property
Gifts of real or personal property, also known as gifts-in-kind, can enhance the mission of the university.

Gifts-in-kind may include a personal residence, farm equipment, artwork, rare books and other property that has a determinable value. The Internal Revenue Service has established rules for valuing these gifts, and the foundation reviews them prior to acceptance.

In Memoriam
Gifts also can be made in honor of memories of loved ones.

By sending a name and address, the foundation will send an acknowledgement of the gift to the family. We will not mention the dollar amount of the gift unless you ask that we do so.

Annual Gifts
Each year, annual gifts contributed by alumni and friends of the university help provide scholarships to students, in addition to funding for research efforts, equipment and other needs.

The annual giving campaign is an excellent opportunity for alumni to maintain close contact with their colleges or departments.

Your annual support plays an essential role in ensuring SIU students and faculty have the best resources available to pursue their academic endeavors. Any kind of private support is crucial and will have a positive impact on the university.

An endowment is a great way to ensure your gift has a noticeable, lasting effect on those it benefits.

Contributions can be made in the form of cash, securities, life insurance or real estate. An endowment also can be established through a will or charitable trust.

Each donor has the option of endowing a chair, professorship, visiting lecturer, faculty fellowship, graduate fellowship, scholarship or facility. The minimum amount necessary to create an endowment is $25,000 (payable over a period of up to five years).

IRA Gifts
An IRA charitable rollover is an effective way to help SIU advance its mission.

Plus, the financial benefits to each donor are significant. You can:

  • Avoid taxes on transfers of up to $100,000 from an IRA to the foundation.
  • Satisfy the required minimum distribution for the year.
  • Reduce taxable income, even without itemizing deductions.
  • Make a gift that is not subject to the 50 percent deduction limits on charitable gifts.

Contact your IRA plan administrator, and the funds can be directly transferred to the foundation.

Corporate Gifts
Gifts from corporations and foundations can play a significant role when it comes to serving students. Whether you are part of a large global company or a local business, a partnership with SIU can be mutually beneficial.

Becoming involved with the university in this fashion can assist in the recruitment of SIU’s top students, and in internships, research opportunities and exposure during campus events.

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