Student Spotlight: Alyssa Allison shares how the School of Law broadens horizons

SIU School of Law student Alyssa Allison

By Rebecca Renshaw

Alyssa Allison says she became interested in SIU’s School of Law when a former SIU track and field teammate told her about the program and how inspiring it is to learn about the law.

“Attending law school has changed my life and broadened my horizons. As I learn about legal issues, I have a greater understanding of how to help people who are having problems in life. Helping others is why I’m in this profession. On top of that, the faculty are truly concerned about the students here. I have come to know them as both mentors and friends,” Allison said.

Upon graduation, Allison plans to enter the Army JAG Corps to become a Judge Advocate.

“A Judge Advocate is a licensed attorney qualified to represent the Army and its soldiers in military legal matters,” she said. “I have several family members who are in the military, so it just makes sense for me to follow in their footsteps,” Allison said.

A third-year law student who works in the law library, Allison says her work has opened her eyes to the many services the law school library provides to both students and the public.

“This library is not just used by law students. It’s a federal repository that provides services far beyond Jackson County. It’s just a great resource to the community and the staff here is dedicated to helping provide the best legal research resources possible,” Allison said.

“If someone were to donate to the law school today, I would ask them to help students with scholarships. As an undergraduate, I received an athletic scholarship that made all the difference for me. Because of the scholarship, I was able to keep my costs down and focus on schoolwork,” she said. “I would also ask donors to help us purchase more library resources and computers. You’d be surprised at how much our resources and computers are used each day. We would definitely appreciate any donations made to help support SIU’s School of Law,” she said.

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