Student Spotlight: Kinesiology Student Sean Gloss

Student Spotlight: SIU Kinesiology Student Sean Gloss

by Rebecca Renshaw

Sean Gloss is a teaching assistant in exercise physiology. He will receive a master’s degree in exercise science in May 2018 and plans on getting a Ph.D. in exercise science upon graduation.

Sean Gloss originally wanted to be a physical therapist but when he enrolled in a motor behavior research class led by Dr. Porter, he quickly changed his direction of study.

“I had this idea that research was boring, but Dr. Porter made the research really interesting and challenging all at the same time,” Gloss said.

The research, coupled with the program’s community outreach, is what ignited Gloss’ passion for the program.

“Everything in the kinesiology program has vastly broadened my scope of how I can help my community. The professors are my role models on how to conduct myself as an adult. Furthermore, I see the positive impact the Strong Survivor program makes on people who have cancer,” Gloss said. “The program also hosts the men and women’s health expos each year to educate the community about healthy lifestyle choices – all of these programs makes me want to be a better person and to give back to others.”

Gloss recognizes the program has many financial needs, but he says the biggest need is to have more exercise testing equipment. “Our students need more testing equipment so they could do more research. We also need to be working on the same equipment as what is found out there in the real world,” he said. “There are so many upgrades we could use – from a new hydrostatic weighing tub to treadmills – students would greatly benefit from new equipment.”

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