2017 Graduating Bertrand Scholarship Recipients

2017 graduating Bertrand scholarship recipients

The Bertrand Scholarship was established by Marsha (’70) and Gary Bertrand in 2014. This scholarship provides financial assistance for students from middle income families attending Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

Noelle McIntyre - Bertrand ScholarNoelle McIntyre studied marketing. She is from Pinckneyville, Illinois.

“I remember opening the letter announcing I was the recipient of the Bertrand scholarship. I could not believe I was chosen. To this day, that was one of my best days ever. I want to thank the Bertrands for their help because my family just couldn’t afford for me to come to SIU.” 

Noelle plans to move to either Nashville or St Louis and work for a large advertising/marketing firm. Noelle would also like to pursue her MBA in marketing as well.

Kaegan Mestel - Bertrand ScholarKaegan Mestel studied biological sciences. She is from Waltonville, Illinois.

“When I met the Bertrands last fall, I was amazed at how down-to-earth and friendly they were. I hope to be as generous someday as they were to me.”

Kaegan has plans to attend the University of Minnesota where she will pursue a graduate degree in genetic counseling.

Marija Mileva - Bertrand ScholarMarija Mileva studied health care management and business administration. She is from Bolingbrook, Illinois.

“The Bertrand’s gift of a scholarship really changed my life at SIU, so I want to thank them for their generosity. It meant so much to me.”

Marija plans to move to Chicago and work as a health care practice manager in a clinic or hospital. Marija also wants to pursue her master’s degree in health care administration.


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One thought on “2017 Graduating Bertrand Scholarship Recipients”

  1. I was fortunate enough to have come to know one of the young women of whom the Bertrand’s gave a scholarship to. It brings me to tears to think that she may not have ever had this opportunity to grow and to thrive in the SIU environment. That this wonderful couple understands the need for further generations to learn, expand and forward their own gifts onto the world is inspiring. The Bertrand’s generosity comes from the wisdom of their hearts and souls, and for us who have had the pleasure to experience the outcome of this wisdom…well, we are lucky indeed. The world is a better place because of people like Marsha and Gary Bertrand and Noelle, Kaegan and Marija. Thank you all.

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