SIU Scholarship Recipient Colton Newlin


Colton Newlin is a student with big aspirations – and it shows. A senior studying psychology and pre-law, Newlin plans to go to law school at either Vanderbilt University or Washington University after he graduates. A chancellor scholar, Newlin said the scholarship he received has made all the difference in his undergraduate experience and has helped pave the way for his plans to attend law school.

“Receiving the scholarship was hugely impactful in my life. I was faced with having to fund my undergraduate education by myself, so when I found out that burden was lifted, it shaved a lot of worry and stress from my life,” Newlin said. “It also allowed me to save money for law school.”

Newlin serves as the Undergraduate Student Government president and it is a position he takes very seriously. “I found running for USG president was a unique opportunity to affect positive change at an imperfect time for our university. I believe it is a way to foster positive relationships with students, faculty and staff,” Newlin said.

Newlin encourages other donors to give back to SIU so that future students can have the same experiences he has had. “It’s my hope that others will donate because they recognize the opportunities they received from others and give those same opportunities to future students.”


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