Giving made simple

Ways to give to SIU Foundation

For SIU to continue to fulfill its mission of excellence in teaching, research and service, the university relies on private support from individuals and organizations sharing its commitment to students.

The SIU Foundation offers a number of ways to maximize your gift.

Real and Personal Property
Gifts of real or personal property, also known as gifts-in-kind, can enhance the mission of the university.

Gifts-in-kind may include a personal residence, farm equipment, artwork, rare books and other property that has a determinable value. The Internal Revenue Service has established rules for valuing these gifts, and the foundation reviews them prior to acceptance.

Annual Gifts
Each year, annual gifts contributed by alumni and friends of the university help provide scholarships to students, in addition to funding for research efforts, equipment and other needs.

The annual giving campaign is an excellent opportunity for alumni to maintain close contact with their colleges or departments.

Your annual support plays an essential role in ensuring SIU students and faculty have the best resources available to pursue their academic endeavors. Any kind of private support is crucial and will have a positive impact on the university.

An endowment is a great way to ensure your gift has a noticeable, lasting effect on those it benefits.

Contributions can be made in the form of cash, securities, life insurance or real estate. An endowment also can be established through a will or charitable trust.

Each donor has the option of endowing a chair, professorship, visiting lecturer, faculty fellowship, graduate fellowship, scholarship or facility. The minimum amount necessary to create an endowment is $25,000 (payable over a period of up to five years).

IRA Gifts
An IRA charitable rollover is an effective way to help SIU advance its mission.

Plus, the financial benefits to each donor are significant. You can:

  • Avoid taxes on transfers of up to $100,000 from an IRA to the foundation.
  • Satisfy the required minimum distribution for the year.
  • Reduce taxable income, even without itemizing deductions.
  • Make a gift that is not subject to the 50 percent deduction limits on charitable gifts.

Contact your IRA plan administrator, and the funds can be directly transferred to the foundation.

Corporate Gifts
Gifts from corporations and foundations can play a significant role when it comes to serving students. Whether you are part of a large global company or a local business, a partnership with SIU can be mutually beneficial.

Becoming involved with the university in this fashion can assist in the recruitment of SIU’s top students, and in internships, research opportunities and exposure during campus events.

What Next?
All of this information, and the necessary forms, can be found here.

For more information, call 618-453-4900.


Meet SIU Scholarship Recipient – Corey Albrecht

Meet SIU Scholarship Recipient – Corey Albrecht

Corey Albrecht is a senior from Algonquin, Illinois, studying civil engineering. He is a recipient of the SIU Dean’s Scholarship, SIU College of Engineering Scholarship and Waldemar J. Klasing Foundation Scholarship.

Why did you choose SIU?
I chose SIU because of the quality of the College of Engineering, the beautiful campus and region, the low cost of tuition, the scholarship opportunities, the proximity and ease of transportation to the Chicago suburbs and the dedication that students appeared to have on campus visits.

What inspired you to choose your area of study?
I had always been good at math and science classes in high school, and I always had an interest in the structure of buildings and bridges.

What is your most memorable experience at SIU?
My most memorable experience at SIU was probably the scholarship luncheon this year. It was inspiring to see so many generous donors, hardworking students, SIU faculty and administration coming together to celebrate the successes of the university. It was basically all of the great components of SIU coming together to meet each other for a great meal and presentation. I really enjoyed the interaction with donors.

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about SIU?
I mostly brag about how beautiful the campus and region is, the weather here compared to northern Illinois, the outstanding professors in our civil engineering program and our sports teams when they are doing well.

Could you tell us about the impact of the scholarship on your education at SIU and your life in general?
Scholarships have relieved a significant amount of financial stress from my life. This has allowed me to focus more on my courses and RSOs, and it has motivated me to perform better in my courses. It has also impacted my family and relieved financial stress from them, which is very important to me.

Why should people consider donating to SIU?
Donors, in my opinion, are probably the most important contributors to the health and strength of SIU. Scholarships assist in growing enrollment, give opportunities to students who would not be able to afford college and are role models for SIU students. Seeing individuals and couples who graduated from SIU and became successful motivates me and other students that one day we can accomplish the same level of success. Donors are role models to students and allows students to accomplish more with their help. This results in better students graduating from SIU and a higher quality alumni base.

If you had $1,000 to donate to SIU, what would you like to see that money benefit? Why?
I would like to see that money benefit the RSOs in engineering. From working with and being a part of Steel Bridge Team and ASCE, and seeing students in Baja and Robotics, Engineering RSOs consist of some of the brightest, most dedicated and hard-working students at this university. Engineering RSOs are essential for students obtaining hands-on experience in their field.

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The ripple effect

The Ralph E. Becker Boat House and Pavilion Dedication

Ralph E. Becker, third from left, joins university officials to open the renovated Ralph E. Becker Boathouse Pavilion.

It all started with a phone call in August 2016.

“I can remember it clearly,” said Jim Salmo, vice chancellor for development and alumni relations. “The phone rang and it was Ralph Becker, a 1955 SIU alumnus, pioneer of SIU’s radio-television program, and loyal donor. He called to challenge me with a $1 million donation that would make a difference on campus.”

Salmo presented Becker with several projects, and Becker chose the Campus Boathouse. As the renovations began, the SIU plant and service operations crew set up a camera so Becker, who lives in North Carolina, could watch the renovation progress.

Fast forward 18 months to April 28, when the SIU Foundation dedicated the newly renovated Ralph E. Becker Boathouse Pavilion. Hundreds came to attend the ceremony, and many lingered to offer Becker a heartfelt thanks and to share their memories of what the boathouse meant to them.

Sally Wright waited in line to share a memory. When she reached Becker, she said, “I just want to thank you for restoring the boathouse. My husband Mike and I were married here. This year will mark our 31st wedding anniversary. This place has some unforgettable memories for us and I just want to thank you for your generosity.”

Troy Vaughn, recreational sports and services director, believes the renovated boathouse will reenergize both students and the community.

“This brings an incredible amount of energy to the campus,” he said. “So many units came together to make it a reality. It was just an incredible team effort.

“Students are going to have a blast here,” Vaughn added. “The diversity of events is going to be amazing. Biology professors can hold classes here, student organizations can meet at the boathouse, and community members can rent it for a variety of events. We even hope to host weddings here again.”

In remarks made at the ceremony, SIU Chancellor Carlo Montemagno said, “The Becker Boathouse is a transformative gift that symbolizes the resurgence of SIU and its prominence as the bright maroon jewel in the crown of Illinois higher education.”

Becker summed up the celebration. “This is absolutely terrific. I never expected the university to go to this extreme,” he said. “Everything I ever accomplished started right here at SIU Carbondale. Seeing this, and all of the people who came out, I believe this is the best day of my life.”

“The campus lake restoration and the boathouse renovation are the two most uplifting projects we have promoted this past year … they just bring back good memories for people,” Salmo said.


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Scholarship, atmosphere enhance student’s Saluki experience

SIU Scholarship Recipient Nyah Addison

It didn’t take long for Nyah Addison to feel a deep connection to SIU.

“The main reason I came to SIU was the community,” she said. “My mom’s best friend went to SIU. The alumni are wonderful. It’s a family-type of feeling.”

A business student from Chicago, Nyah received the University Excellence Scholarship. It is available to academically high-achieving high school students who have demonstrated leadership skills.

The financial assistance played an integral role in her decision to attend SIU and decreased the stress that comes with making such an important life decision.

“The scholarship was the tip over the edge for me coming here,” she said. “I wanted to make sure I didn’t put too much on myself as far as loans are concerned. Without the scholarship, I probably wouldn’t be here.”

Before learning about the scholarship, Nyah considered attending a community college, but she’s thankful for the opportunity to be on a university campus and enjoy all the benefits it provides.

“Community college is OK, but this is a completely different atmosphere here,” she said. “I’m actually able to be on campus, be around the alumni and my peers. The scholarship was a big help to me, and I know it’s a big help for others.”

While scholarships can help attract prospective students to the university, Nyah said it’s the Saluki experience that makes the time here special.

“The community is great,” she said. “Everybody is really helpful, really nice. My overall experience has been great. I really enjoy that community feeling.”

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Campaign Update: A Goal Within Reach

Forever SIU campaign goal is $75 million and we have currently raised $60 million. (80 percent)

SIU Carbondale launched the Forever SIU at the beginning of January 2017 with a goal of $75 million. Thanks to the generosity of many donors during the past year and a half, 80 percent of the goal has already been achieved, according to campaign co-chair Dan Korte, a 1985 SIU alumnus.

“It’s a great place to be at this point in the campaign, but the public phase of any campaign can be more challenging because it requires a greater number of people to make many smaller gifts,” said Korte.

“That’s why we need the help of all loyal Saluki donors now more than ever, because in the increasingly competitive world of higher education, this campaign is vital to ensuring that SIU Carbondale will continue to be a university that future generations of students want to attend.”

As attendees learned at last year’s public kickoff event, the campaign goals include increased scholarships for students, provide expanded opportunities in the classroom, enhance facilities and resources, and offer a deeper community engagement.

As of April 30, 2018, approximately 30,000 gifts have been received for the $60,616,889, or 80 percent of the $75 million goal, according to Jim Salmo, chief executive officer of the SIU Foundation.

“Support from alumni has made a major impact in the early success of the Forever SIU campaign. More than 57 percent of all donations have come from alumni. More than 27 percent have come from other friends of the university,” said Salmo.

Salmo urges donors to connect with the foundation staff members to identify the many different opportunities to make a gift.

“Many alumni mistakenly think we are looking for only large donations, but that is just not true,” said Salmo. “We offer a number of ways to make donations of all sizes, from matching gifts, to securities, or to honor loved ones.”

To learn more about the campaign, visit or call 618-453-4900.

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Meet SIU Scholarship Recipient – Esmeralda Valerio

Meet SIU Scholarship Recipient – Esmeralda Valerio

Esmeralda Valerio is a junior from Chicago studying social work. She is a Harvey and Trish Welch Scholarship recipient.

Why did you choose SIU?
I chose SIU because it felt like home. I felt I could make some sort of impact on this campus and I am glad I have. I’m making my impact by working with New Student Programs.

What inspired you to choose your area of study?
Having to work with other social workers growing up.

What is your most memorable experience at SIU?
Being part of the New Student Orientation as a team lead.

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about SIU?
I brag about how proud I am to be a leader on campus through our New Student Programs office.

Could you tell us about the impact of the scholarship on your education at SIU and your life in general?
This scholarship helped me have peace of mind to not worry about my current financial struggles. The $1000 I received really did make a huge difference.

Why should people consider donating to SIU?
Because our students have heart, they are passionate for their institution and what SIU does to impact its students.

If you had $1,000 to donate to SIU, what would you like to see that money benefit? Why?
I would use it to create a scholarship for first generation Latinx students who struggle with physical or mental disabilities.

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Design teams head to nationals, seek support

SIU Concrete Canoe Design Team

By Jeff Wilson

For members of SIU’s Concrete Canoe and Steel Bridge teams, it’s all about the experience.

Both teams, made up of dozens of engineering students, earned spots in the national championships. The Steel Bridge team has already competed, finishing 36th overall, at the University of Illinois. The Concrete Canoe team will be traveling to San Diego State University for its competition June 23-25.

Each team represents the SIU chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). Technical jargon aside, the teams follow particular parameters to build their structures and are judged based on a number of factors.

SIU Steel Bridge Design Team

“The students get to do all the actual planning,” William Eichfeld, associate professor and faculty advisor for the teams, said. “They are in charge of the organizing, scheduling, design and creating. It allows them to face real-world issues, encourages teamwork and develops interpersonal and communication skills.”

Having teams that compete on a national level is important to student retention and recruitment.

“Visitors, including prospective students and parents, see the enthusiasm,” Eichfeld said. “These teams help us produce better engineers, and they can see that.”

The teams are mainstays within the College of Engineering, each having been active for decades. The knowledge gained each year is passed down from class to class.

For the Concrete Canoe team, this is only its third trip to the national competition. Of course, getting the team to San Diego is no small – or cheap – task.

“The department does what it can,” Eichfeld said. “The students use their own cars, and in many cases, pay for the trip themselves. There are some teams around the country that don’t attend nationals simply because they can’t afford it.”

The ASCE Design Teams are in the midst of a crowdfunding campaign powered by the SIU Foundation’s SalukiFunder website. The site allows secure gifts, of any amount, to be given in support of the teams. With about a week left in the campaign, they’re still striving to reach their $15,000 goal. The money raised will be used to help pay for registration fees and the cost of travel.

“Our alumni are wonderful,” Eichfeld said. “They come back and help judge competitions and regularly offer job applications to our students. Many stay very involved. By making even a small contribution to this cause, every alumni can help our students.”

To make a gift, click here.


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Meet SIU Scholarship Recipient – Abbie Spiwak

Abbie Spiwak (left) is pictured with her scholarship donor, Judith Rossiter (right).

Abbie Spiwak (left) is pictured with her scholarship donor, Judith Rossiter (right).

Abbie Spiwak is a sophomore from Crystal Lake, Illinois, studying human nutrition and dietetics. She is a James M. Rossiter Memorial Scholarship recipient.

Why did you choose SIU?
I chose SIU because of the kind and caring students and faculty, the campus, the surrounding areas, and much more. Everyone is always involved and wants to do something to help others, or to help the community. Professors are willing to give you their time and effort to help you succeed. SIU helps make well-rounded and highly-educated students.

What inspired you to choose your area of study?
I have always been interested in health and helping others. This field of study gives me a wide range of opportunities in the health field. Americans are in great need of health and food specialists, and the need is only growing. I like making a difference in others’ lives. Also, I enjoy learning about the foods we eat, our bodies, and the systems food takes to get to us.

What is your most memorable experience at SIU?
I have had many memorable experiences at SIU. I got to go on a trip with other Chancellor’s students to St. Louis to see a symphony, and visit the Blue’s museum. It was a great learning experience and a time to bond with others.

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about SIU?
I love to brag about the Shawnee National Forest and all the amazing nature on and off campus. I love having access to water sports, hikes, bike rides, rock climbing, and more.

Could you tell us about the impact of the scholarship on your education at SIU and your life in general?
Scholarships have helped me to succeed in school without having the stress and worries involved with paying off loans or having to work full-time with studying. I know that this takes a burden off not just me, but my family as well. I have been able to devote my time to my studies, so that I can succeed in my future career. I am able to save money now that can be used towards my future and other expenses.

Why should people consider donating to SIU?
People should consider donating their money to SIU because it will always go towards good students who will benefit greatly, and whose lives will be changed for the better because of the money donated. You would be helping students to achieve their dreams and receive the best education they can. You can change someone’s future by donating to SIU.

If you had $1,000 to donate to SIU, what would you like to see that money benefit? Why?
I would like my money to help a student at SIU studying nutrition and dietetics who is doing well in his or her classes and who would greatly benefit from the extra money, whether it be paying for tuition or other school related expenses. I would want it to go to a student studying in the health field, specifically nutrition/dietetics. $1,000 would help a student in many ways. I want to know it is going to someone who will use the money to help them succeed in school and in their career.

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Meet SIU Scholarship Recipient – Simon Villegas

2018 Academic Scholarship Donor Luncheon

Simon Villegas is pictured with his scholarship donor, Debra Sarvela (left), and her daughter, Kristin Sarvela (right).

Simon Villegas is a sophomore from Morton Grove, Illinois, studying aviation technologies. He is a University Excellence Scholarship, David Rich Memorial Scholarship, and Jeremiah Eugene Price Aviation Technologies Scholarship recipient.

Why did you choose SIU?
I chose SIU because the aviation program is one of the best in the nation. Also, Carbondale is located in an area where there are a lot of activities.

What inspired you to choose your area of study?
My interest in planes is what inspired me to study aviation technologies. The whole aviation industry amazes me.

What is your most memorable experience at SIU?
It was my first day of class when I was arriving on the bus to the airport and seeing the airport for the first time. My most memorable experience was when I saw the planes flying and the facilities and hangar with all the aircraft. I still remember the excitement and how good I felt about studying in this place.

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about SIU?
Since I am in aviation technologies, I brag about all the planes we have, about my classes being hands-on and about the facility and airport we have where I go to class every day.

Could you tell us about the impact of the scholarship on your education at SIU and your life in general?
Being an immigrant who has been in the United states for five years, and the first to go to college here, my family can’t afford to pay for my education. I also have another brother who just started college too, and a sister in high school, so it is a lot of money for my family. Thanks to these scholarships, I am able to stay in school and pay for my tuition and living costs without my parents having to worry about it.

Why should people consider donating to SIU?
Because there are a lot of talented students who struggle to pay the cost of education, and all these scholarships and money invested on students makes a huge impact on their education, like it did on me.

If you had $1,000 to donate to SIU, what would you like to see that money benefit? Why?
I would like to see a student benefit from it, because I see the difference it made this year on my finances.

About the scholarship:
Mrs. Debra A. Sarvela wanted to establish a fund to provide financial support to students enrolled in the Aviation Technologies Program, in memory of her father, J. Eugene Price. Mr. Price established a career as an electrical engineer, specializing in flight simulation. His career began when Mr. Price was serving in the U.S. Army and continued for 40 years until his retirement from Hughes Aircraft.

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New Student Programs benefits from SIU Credit Union corporate gift

SIU Credit Union gives $20,000 on SIU Day of Giving

In March, SIU Credit Union kicked off the 2018 SIU Day of Giving with a $20,000 donation to New Student Programs.

“We are thrilled to receive the donation and are appreciative of the great corporate partnership the university has with SIU Credit Union,” said Cordy Love, director of New Student Programs.

The money will support the annual Saluki Start Up and Weeks of Welcome programs, which help new students as they begin their Saluki journey.

This year, representatives from the credit union will speak to new students and their families about financial planning and banking. During these sessions, New Student Programs will give away 3,000 USBs containing a pre-made budget and other financial information.