SIU Day of Giving 2018: Give the Gift of Experience

Each March, SIU Foundation hosts an online giving celebration known as SIU Day of Giving. Such an event relies on producing a video designed to spur philanthropy. For this year’s event, the SIU Foundation’s Development Communications team came up with the concept of placing go-pro cameras on students and filming their experiences across campus. The video complements this year’s SIU Day of Giving theme of “Give the Gift of Experience.”

The video features such scenes as an SIU diver diving into the rec center pool, a student in ceramics making pottery, a track and field student pole vaulting, and a dental hygiene student cleaning a patient’s teeth.

Coordinating the many schedules of students, organizing photo shoot locales, getting permission for building access, and dealing with the whims of Mother Nature can make a video production somewhat stressful. However, what made it all worthwhile for the SIU Foundation’s development communications team were the students.

“We probably had 40 – 50 students who participated in the making of this video and I can say all of them were positive and upbeat about helping us out. They were patient and eager to lend a helping hand,” said Rebecca Renshaw, associate director for development communications. “They make me proud to be a Saluki and I want to personally thank them for helping us with the SIU Day of Giving video. We could not have done it without them,” she said.

The students who participated in the video are as follows:

Animal Science
Sarah McDivitt, senior, animal science

Matt McNeer, senior, horticulture

Anna Radacki, junior, dental hygiene
Caila Lee, senior, dental hygiene

Eli Mercado, sophomore, biology

Luke Zuklis, zoology major

Alicia Johnston, senior, automotive technology
Leah Bavirsha, senior, automotive technology
Stiljan Agolli, senior, automotive technology
Justin Michaels, sophomore, automotive technology
Lane DeBatis, sophomore, automotive technology

Baton Twirling:
Jazmin Rnadazzo, sophomore, nursing

Trevor Chew, senior, ag business
Sarah Webster, senior, animal science production
Rebecca Harris, Sophomore, animal science
Zac Bolander, senior, ag systems

Zip Line:
Mitchell Niccolai, senior, forestry
Katy O’Keefe, graduate

Glass blowing:
Kayla Ohmer, graduate, glass
Maia Stern, grad student, glass

Pole vaulting:
Chase Black, senior, ag business economics

Paul Schumacher, senior, industrial management and applied engineering

School of Medicine:
Anwar Cameron, MD , 2nd year, geriatrics
Greg Desimone, MD 2nd year, family medicine

Lucas Rose, Senior, fermentation science

Jazmyn Wieder, 3rd year, MFA professor

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